Employment issues can arise in your organisation at any time. We have created the 'Compact Legal Guide to HR' for you to keep as a handy reference when issues pop up in your workplace.

Do you sometimes find you’re a bit unsure of how to properly deal with a workplace issue or implement a new protocol? We understand.

The Fair Work Act is as big as a phone book and not easy to refer to day to day. The Compact Legal Guide to HR was developed to ensure that businesses have a handy guide to refer to when employment issues arise, to make it easier to understand what steps and decisions should be made. The e-book highlights what to do within a hiring, managing and firing situation.

Download a copy of the Free Legal Guide to HR

What you get within the guide:

  1. Sets out the signposts on the big issues under the Fair Work Act and Discrimination / Sexual Harassment Laws
  2. Examples from real cases we have managed
  3. Further links to freely download employment contract templates, checklists, calculators and tools