The head of the German Federal Data Protection Authority (the Authority), Andrea Vohoff, has presented the Authority's 26th Activity Report, covering the years 2014 and 2015, and delivered it to the president of the Bundestag. The report centers on the 21,029 citizen appeals (7,744 written petitions and 13,285 telephonic requests for information) to the authority, the reform of German and European data protection laws, and the independence of the Authority since 2016. In the reporting period, the 110 employees of the Authority conducted 199 visits for the purposes of information, consultation and inspection, which led to 22 objections. As regards the reform of the German data protection law in implementing the European General Data Protection Regulation, Vohoff reiterated her criticism of the limitation of the control powers of the Authority over security agencies, but also welcomed the fact that the rights of data subjects have not been restricted as intensely as previously intended.