The Serious Organised Crime Agency has published its annual report 2008-9. The report provides a comparative table of the objectives set out in its March 2008 annual plan against the action taken by SOCA in 2008-9. Of particular interest is a table setting out SOCA's progress in addressing the government's proceeds of crime targets in the past year. For 2008/09, confiscation orders amounted to £29.7m and £16.7m for civil recovery. This is SOCA's first year of work on civil recovery since merging with the Asset Recovery Agency. The report also contains case studies of the work undertaken so far on the following topics:

  • e-crime
  • mass market fraud
  • international criminal trade in Class A drugs
  • innovation in forensic drug analysis
  • human trafficking
  • a 21st Century bank robbery
  • denying criminals their profits.