As the number of craft breweries across the country continues to grow, Verrill Dana’s Breweries, Distilleries & Wineries Group presents Tap Tips Podcast Miniseries to help brewers on the journey from passion to profit.

The miniseries contains eight episodes to assist up-and-coming brewmasters and brewery owners to think critically about the issues affecting their business. These podcasts provide information and practical tips for navigating the various complex issues that may arise at any stage, from business formation to licensing to risk management.

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Episode 1: Tap Tips on Business Formation

Chantal Wilson and Jonathan Dunitz discuss the importance of proper business entity formation, and how getting this step wrong can have big consequences later.

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Episode 2: Tap Tips on Trademark Protection

Charlie Bacall and Tawny Alvarez review different types of intellectual property and discuss the importance of trademark registration to breweries.

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Episode 3: Tap Tips on Branding/Labeling

Kelly Donahue and Jonathan Dunitz review some of the laws and processes impacting beer labeling.

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Episode 4: Tap Tips on Financing

Mark Googins and Tawny Alvarez discuss the various options and implications of financing a new or growing brewery – from traditional bank loans to crowdfunding.

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Episode 5: Tap Tips on Licensing

Bill Knowles and Tawny Alvarez discuss some of the licensing considerations that new and growing breweries should consider before they sell their first pint.

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Episode 6: Tap Tips on Leasing

Doug Britton and Tawny Alvarez discuss issues brewery owners should consider when trying to find the perfect place for their brewing operation or tasting room.

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Episode 7: Tap Tips on Hiring/Employment Issues

Jonathan Dunitz interviews Tawny Alvarez about the importance of engaging an experienced employment attorney as a brewery grows and hires employees.

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Episode 8: Tap Tips on Litigation/Risk Management

Jonathan Dunitz and Tawny Alvarez discuss risks faced by new/growing breweries, and how to limit the likelihood/impact of litigation.

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