An Advertising Age article discusses recent litigation filed by parents against Facebook® alleging that the social network has used names and/or likenesses of their children in product endorsements without obtaining parental consent. While no child younger than age 13 is supposed to be able to set up a Facebook® account, Consumer Reports estimates that some 7.5 million of these children have such accounts, with an additional 14.4 million users between ages 13 and 17. When they click a “like” button for a product, such as a food or beverage, no mechanism is apparently available to limit how the children’s images and preferences are then used for advertising purposes on the Internet. According to the article, a large part of the social network’s advertising strategy is to turn users’ “likes” into advertisements showing the users’ names and images. Legal experts are reportedly unsure whether this strategy is legal, even when adults’ names and images are used without consent. See Advertising Age, May 19, 2011.