Some property documents may appear unnecessarily cumbersome, with numerous annexures including plans, specifications for works, schedule of conditions, the list goes on. These attachments however usually form an integral part of the agreement, and the importance of getting them right should not be underestimated. Once a document is exchanged or completed, changing an annexure may not be easy and may involve increased costs.

To reduce the risk of last-minute delays and disputes regarding annexures we recommend:

  1. Making any proposed annexures available as early on in the transaction as possible;
  2. Ensuring that all parties, including your solicitor, are kept up to date where new versions are prepared;
  3. Before signing engrossments, checking that the correct revisions of the annexures are attached.

It is becoming increasingly common that engrossments are now issued by email and it is important in these circumstances that all attachments are included in the electronic document and that these are checked again carefully at the point of signing.