A common trend occurring in the Internet world is that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are recording themselves as registrants against their clients’ domain names. The question that arises is whether a client has to proceed with a formal complaint against the ISP to regain its domain name.

The .co.za Registry recently clarified this by indicating that it will aim to assist end-users in the event that registrars list themselves as registrants by:

 “…forwarding the Registrar a formal complaint in terms of Section 5.3.5 of the Published Policies and Procedures, which stipulates that the registrant must be the legitimate beneficiary of the domain name. We request that the Complainant forward us documentary proof of the attempts they have made to raise the matter with the Registrar themselves and forward same to [email protected].” 

This process bypasses the lengthy and more costly formal dispute resolution procedure and is certainly worth considering when the circumstances permit.