Australia’s Department of Health has closed the comment period on a proposal to amend the entry of gamma butyrolactone in the Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Medicines and Poisons. Until September 11, 2014, the agency sought comments on “whether a separate entry for gamma butyrolactone is required in either Appendix C or Schedule 9 to restrict its use in cosmetics or other types of products.” According to a news source, the standard classifies substances in nine different schedules depending on the degree of purported risk, and each schedule recommends the level of control over a substance’s public availability. Prohibited substances are listed on Schedule 9, while Appendix C contains other substances considered a danger to health and prohibited from sale, supply or use. Department committees will consider the comments and provide their recommendations. An interim decision is expected on February 5, 2015. See ChemicalWatch, August 18, 2014.