[2008] LTLPI 15.01.09  

Claimant had to return to theatre following Caesarean section due to persisting bleeding. Several bleeding points were identified and haematosis achieved with diathermy. She was discharged a week later.

Claimant developed an uncomfortable lump in the abdomen which her GP suspected was a hernia but treatment was not advised. Lump began to increase in size with increasing symptoms of pain and development of outbreaks of boils on her abdomen, which occasionally seeped.

A CT scan, following GP referral 11 years after surgery, revealed that a retained swab was encased in a giant mature walled seroma. The Claimant required laparotomy to remove the swab and excise the abscess wall. Claimant was left with a substantial scar and a dip in the left side of her abdomen. Liability admitted.

Out of court settlement: £20,000 (General Damages £15,000).