UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) (which is the division of the Home Office responsible for the UK visa system) is currently engaged in testing a new fast track online service for EEA migrants in the UK. UKVI plans to launch the new online service later in the year, as they face the enormous task of dealing with unprecedented numbers of EEA applications. Due to the EU referendum results a surge in application from EEA nationals is expected, as they take steps to validate and secure their right to live or work in the UK, by applying for registration certificates, alongside those applying for permanent residence in the UK.

UKVI need to be braced with a quicker, and simpler application process to cater to the estimated 3.5 million EEA nationals living in the UK. An efficient, timely system is in the interests of UKVI, as well as those facing uncertainty concerning the position for EEA nationals living and working in the UK within the next two years before the UK leaves the EU.

The test which includes just permanent residence applications, involves utilisation by 20 selected corporate partners including Deloitte and PwC. It is not known whether the online service will be restricted to permanent residence applications only. UKVI will seek feedback from users in order to identify any problems with the system before the launch.