President Obama has unveiled his FY 2012 budget for the United States government. The Department of Energy (DOE) would receive $29.5 billion, a roughly 12 percent increase over the 2010 budget. As part of his plan, the DOE Office of Fossil Energy would see an increase in funding to $520.7 million, of which $452.9 million would go to Fossil Energy Research and Development. Roughly $291 million would go towards research and development of carbon capture and storage technologies and other power systems. About $121 million of the funding would go to Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which “provides strategic and economic security against disruptions in oil supplies with an emergency stockpile of crude oil.”

As part of the planned budget, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would be provided with $9 billion in funding. The budget would allow for the full implementation of the EPA’s greenhouse gas reduction program. It also “promotes chemical safety by increasing the Agency’s pace in developing hazard assessments for highly produced industrial chemicals, and improving information management and transparency.”