This month, Ginnie Mae published a position paper titled “An Era of Transformation,” which describes changes in the mortgage lending market that stem from the 2007-08 financial crisis, and explains how Ginnie Mae intends to react to those changes. The key change in the mortgage lending market that the paper focuses on is the “rapid, substantial increase in the presence of non-depository institutions” in the face of the retreat of commercial banks from mortgage lending and servicing. In the face of this trend, Ginnie Mae intends to make a number of changes that issuers should take note of, including modifying its MBS program to accommodate the larger role of non-depository lenders; upgrading its abilities to assess the financial and operating capacity of its issuers; and taking steps to ensure liquidity in the market for MSRs. Ginnie Mae also intends to actively police that issuers are in compliance with program requirements, and when issuers fail, to move MSR portfolios to other approved issuers rather than seize and manage the assets itself.