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Tax residence and fiscal domicile

i Corporate residence

Tax residency is not clearly defined under UAE law in the absence of any enforced income tax legislation. The Income Tax Decrees make no distinction between resident and non-resident corporations, but instead define a taxable person as, inter alia, having a permanent establishment within the respective emirate. In addition, double taxation treaties provide a basis for determining tax residency under the applicable treaty. Eligible foreign companies can obtain tax residency certificates from the MOF.

ii Branch or permanent establishment

Entities incorporated outside of the UAE can have a fiscal presence through licensed branches in the UAE. Indeed, a branch of a foreign company is treated the same as a company incorporated in the UAE under the Income Tax Decrees, as both constitute permanent establishments in the UAE. However, with limited exceptions (discussed above), there are no UAE tax consequences as a result of such fiscal presence.

Tax residence may be relevant to tax considerations in the foreign company's home jurisdiction under the relevant double taxation treaty.