On September 8, 2011, the House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure reported favorably to the House for its consideration the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Act of 2011 and the Piracy Suppression Act of 2011.

The Coast Guard Act would provide new authorities to the Coast Guard and would make several changes affecting the commercial maritime industry, including altering the Notice of Arrival requirements, requiring standby vessels for certain offshore oil drilling operations, limiting the establishment of maritime liens on fishing permits, and providing for a number of vessel specific Jones Act waivers. See the attached PDF to view a copy of the Coast Guard Act.

The Piracy Act would redefine the act of piracy under U.S. law, provide authority for the U.S. Government to seek reimbursement when it comes to the aid of a foreign vessel, establish an anti-piracy training program for seafarers and authorize reimbursement of U.S.-flag ship owners for the cost of private security where vessels are carrying U.S. Government impelled cargoes. The Piracy Act will also be reviewed by the Judiciary Committee before it can be considered by the House of Representatives.