Central Bank Pre-Christmas and Year End Deadlines 2019

The Central Bank ("CBI") has issued its annual letter setting out its submission deadlines for receipt of applications which have pre-Christmas or pre-year end authorisation / approval / noting deadlines. Set out below are the main deadlines. If you have any queries on the below, or the deadlines for other types of CBI applications, please contact your usual Maples Group contact.


Deadlines for receipt of complete applications for UCITS and RIAIFs are as follows:

Executed documentation for authorisations / approvals / notings required on 24 December and / or 27 December must be received by the CBI by 12pm on 23 December.

2 January 2020 is the first day of 2020 that funds may be authorised / approved and documents must be received by 3pm on 30 December.


The normal 24 hour turnaround for QIAIFs continues to apply up until 20 December. Further detail is set out below in relation to QIAIF filings submitted through ORION.

For QIAIF Filings (non-ORION based applications), the following deadlines apply:


Normal timeframes apply for individual questionnaire (IQ) filings until 22 November. Thereafter, the following deadlines apply:

Applications must be complete when submitted. Incomplete applications will be returned and will not be considered for pre-Christmas / pre-year end timeframes.