Claimant developed pain, numbness, swelling and bruising in his arm following a blood test performed by a healthcare assistant at his GP surgery. Claimant attended A&E two days later when haematoma was diagnosed and he was reassured and discharged with painkillers. He attended his GP the following day due to persisting pain and numbness from bicep to fingertips but was again reassured. Fourteen days later symptoms persisted and Claimant was referred to hospital where compartment syndrome was diagnosed.

It was suspected Claimant had suffered arterial or venous puncture when blood was taken causing nerve damage, however persisting symptoms suffered could not be explained by any organic neurological cause and were suspected to be psychosomatic following the original physical injury. Claimant said he suffered a depressive disorder of moderate severity from which he would probably recover within 12-18 months.

Breach of duty and psychiatric injury were both disputed and claim was resolved in an out of court settlement for £20,000 (with General Damages estimated at £7,000).