After a year that no one could have predicted and a second lockdown now underway in England, cycling is becoming increasingly popular. Now more than ever, it is a means to keep individuals and their families fit and active but with the surge of Covid19 it is also a means to avoid public transport.

As the number of cyclists on the roads continues to increase this means that unfortunately the number of accidents involving cyclists may rise.

Cyclists are a category of vulnerable road users as they are forced to share the road with larger vehicles. I have dealt with several cases involving cyclists where I have seen that another road user, be it a driver of a car or larger vehicle, has failed to give way to a cyclist, often crossing over their path.

Changes have been proposed to the Highway Code to improve cyclists’ safety including improving street furniture to allow for increased cycle lanes.

Tips on staying safe whilst cycling

  • Always wear a well fitted helmet. It is well known that wearing a helmet significantly reduces chances of a fatality or serious brain injuries in the event of an accident.
  • The Highway Code recommends you wear bright and reflective clothing so you can be seen by other road users easily, especially in the dark.
  • Provide clear signals to indicate to other road users what you intend to do.
  • Ensure you regularly check your bike and it is working well.
  • Anticipate what other road users will do and look out for hazards and obstructions.
  • Avoid passing a vehicle on the inside as you may not be seen. This is especially important when passing a bus or large vehicle which may have blind spots making it difficult for drivers to see cyclists riding alongside them.
  • Take extreme care at junctions.

What do you do if you are involved in an accident as a cyclist?

  • If you are injured ensure you seek medical attention.
  • Obtain contact details and the vehicle registration number of the vehicle who caused the incident.
  • Obtain contact details of any witnesses on the scene.
  • Report the accident to the police.
  • Take photographs of the accident scene and road layout.