EU Regulation 2015/757 on the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of Carbon Dioxide Emission from Maritime Transport (the “Regulation”) has entered into force on 1st July 2015. The Authority for Transport in Malta (“Transport Malta”) has recently issued Notice 133 concerning such regulation.

In brief

The Regulation requires ship-owners and operators of 5000+ GT vessels to monitor, report, and verify CO2 emissions of such ships calling at any European port.

What are ship-owners and operators required to do?

Ship-owners and operators of 5000+ GT vessels flying the Maltese Flag are required to set up all those procedures required to implement the Regulation as soon as possible by developing Monitoring Plans and procedures for the collection and reporting of data concerning fuel consumption and transport work.

Any Deadline?

Companies are requested to submit to an Accredited Verifier Ship-Specific Monitoring Plans for fuel consumption showing the method adopted for monitoring and reporting measures together with any other information for each of their vessel. Ships falling under the application of the Regulation after 31st August, 2017 would have to abide by such provisions not later than two months after the ship’s first call in a European port.

As from the 1st January, 2018 Per-Voyage and Annual Monitoring procedures shall be in place. These should be prepared in accordance with the monitoring plan as approved by the accredited verifier for each ship arriving (or departing from) a European port and for each voyage.

As from 2019, ship-owners and operators of 5000+ GT vessels will be obliged to submit to Transport Malta and the European Commission every year by the 30th April, Verified Annual Emissions Reports concerning CO2 emissions.

What does the Monitoring Plan consist of?

The monitoring plan shall tackle all the elements required by the Regulation including a reference to all those documents proving the monitoring methods adopted for the specific ship. This should be based on the template model accessible under Annex I of the Implementing Regulations 2017/1927.

Conformity of the Monitoring plan shall be assessed by the accredited verifier prior to the beginning of the reporting period.