Both the House and the Senate Transgender Bills cleared the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee in Massachusetts on Friday. The House Bill was favored by 8 members, with only 2 unfavorable votes and 7 members reserving their rights. The Senate Bill received 7 favorable votes, with only 3 opposed and 7 members reserving their rights. Both bills seek to prohibit discrimination against transgender people in public accommodations. The House Bill, which would take effect January 1, 2017, would additionally require the Attorney General to issue guidance and regulations to address instances where individuals assert “gender identity for an improper purpose.” It is expected that the legislation will be debated by the Senate on May 12th. Although Governor Baker still has not stated whether he intends to sign the legislation, on April 21, Baker sent his strongest signal to date, suggesting that he “believes people should use the restroom facility they feel comfortable using.”