Buying a new house could be very exciting, since you will have a brand new space to fix and design to suit your lifestyle. You have to consider many things before making this purchase, and sometimes, you will need a property lawyer in Wellington such as Rainey Collins Lawyers if some issues arise from the sale.

If not, aside from questions like “are there local schools?” or “is the neighbourhood safe?” you may also ask questions like “does the house get enough sunlight?” or “are there many dog-owners around?”

These are things you can ask your agent, and they will be legally bound to tell you the truth. However, it is paramount to have these on the top of your question-list.

Is the house in good condition weather-wise?

A good agent will know if there have been any problems with the structure in regards to keeping it weatherproof. You can also ask for a building report to check if you need repairs.

Did the previous owner add structures without official consent?

If the previous owners added any structures or renovations without consent from the council, you would have to know about it because you will never know what you will have to face in the future. Usually, if there are any of these found, owners are asked to take them down before selling the property.

Are there any issues with the boundary?

A fence around the house will not necessarily mean those are the boundary limits. You might want to add a structure to the home once you have bought it. Before you do, you will want to make sure that you have legal access to that piece of land and if neighbours might have rights to access the property.

A surveyor can help you check on boundary limits.

This list should start you off with the many questions that can arise from buying a house. Just make sure you ask all the right question so you can make the move to your new dream house.