(CSSF) introduced under Circular 02/77 a mandatory template to be used by undertakings for collective investment subject to the Law of 17 December, 2010 (UCIs and UCITS) and to specialized investment funds governed by the Law of 13 February, 2007 (SIFs) to transmit any notifications to the CSSF.

The CSSF’s press release dated 3 January, 2017 (in French only) states that any notifications to be submitted to the CSSF in the event of an error in the calculation of the Net Asset Value or the non-compliance with investment restrictions (Circular 02/77 in English and French) must be transmitted by using a specific template as established for this purpose. The template can be downloaded on the CSSF's website (in English only) and contains additional explanations in English. More clarifications by the CSSF are available in an additional file (in French only).

The new reporting requirement is immediately applicable but the CSSF will continue to accept notifications under other formats until 1 March, 2017. After this date, the use of the new template will be mandatory.