In December 2010, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners adopted changes to the Model Insurance Holding Company Systems Act (the "Revised Model Act") to address some of the problems posed by non-insurance affiliates uncovered during the 2008-2009 financial crisis. The Revised Model Act expands  state insurance regulatory authority over holding companies and their affiliates  and imposes additional requirements on insurers, controlling persons and affiliates within insurance holding company systems. On June 20, following enactment of the Revised Model Act in Connecticut, Indiana, Kentucky, Nebraska, Rhode Island, Texas and West Virginia, Pennsylvania became the eighth state to adopt the new requirements. Numerous other jurisdictions are  presently considering legislation that is the same or substantially similar to the Revised Model Act, including California, the District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, New York and Oklahoma. Insurance holding companies need to be aware of these important changes, which will eventually be adopted in all states.