I saw an interesting piece on CNN’s website the other day about a rejected Super Bowl Ad. CBS has apparently rejected a commercial sponsored by Acerage Holdings. Acerage is a U.S. based Cannabis company.

The ad discusses the benefits of medical marijuana. And despite the fact that a number of states have legalized marijuana in some form or fashion, the time is apparently not ripe for a Super Bowl ad.

I don’t know if the rejection came as a surprise to Acerage. But in these days of social media, I can’t help but wonder if Acerage is in a win/win position. If the ad runs, great. If not, it becomes a viral sensation thanks to the CNN piece and my huge blog following.

And given that the cost of a 30 second Super Bowl ad is about $5 million, the cost/benefit analysis may make the rejection the better bet!

And I wonder if Super Bowl LII (next year’s game) will feature a marijuana ad? Anyone want to take the over?