The Australian Law Reform Commission’s Final Report has been released. It contains 30 recommendations, including the introduction of a “fair use” exception.

IP Whiteboard’s Anna Spies and Maurice Gonsalves have prepared an alert on the ALRC’s Final Report and its implications here.

While the Final Report was presented to the Attorney General on 30th November last year, it has been publicly released now that it has been tabled in the Senate.  While the Government has not yet formally responded to the recommendations, this morning the Attorney General gave a speech at the Australian Digital Alliance Forum, in which he raised the possibility of graduated responses to online copyright infringement and a website blocking power for the Federal Court.

It looks like we will be seeing more in the space of copyright reform in the near future. The Attorney General said “I believe in strong protections and enforcement mechanisms in support of Australia’s creative industries, but, as I indicated, I am also keen, as one of the achievements in the first-term of the Abbott Government, to modernise, reform and contemporise the Copyright Act.”