At the 2017 China International Trademark Festival Forum hold in Guilin City, Guangxi Province on 3th September, Cui Shoudong, the Deputy Director of Trademark Office of SAIC made it clear about the current trademark reform.

The theme of this forum is protection and development on trademark and brand. In his speech, Cui Shoudong pointed out the long-standing problems including bad-faith registration and the future plan on bad-faith registration.

Cui Shoudong said that, the Trademark Office of SAIC plans to take four measures to curb bad-faith registration: First, take the following measures when registering and filing opposition: examine the trademark in advance, examine the registration which contains many trademarks with one time, apply the laws strictly, and strictly and timely examine the bad-faith registration which contains a huge amount of trademarks; Second, study and determine the list of the Focused Protecting Trademarks and determine the scope of protection thereof and applicable law; Third, launch campaign of specific remediation to crack down six forms of bad-faith registration separately. Fourth, set up black lists of bad-faith registration.