When enacted in 2016, the recently repealed non-compete law was touted as business-friendly, as it strengthened an employer’s ability to enforce a non-compete agreement with its key employees. The 2016 law provided that if a court found a key employee or key independent contractor breached a non-compete agreement, the employee or independent contractor then had the burden of overcoming a presumption that their breach of the non-compete caused irreparable harm to the employer. Essentially, the employee was forced to prove a negative, namely that he or she could not adversely a ect the employer’s legitimate business interests. 

However, the perceived e ect of the 2016 non-compete law was that it made it tougher for key employees and independent contractors to change jobs, seek more responsibility or pay at another company, or even start up their own business. Idaho’s non-compete laws have received national attention at the same time Idaho is recognized as the fastest growing state with the fastest growing pay rate.