In 2014 the Home Office introduced a new digital application service for applicants in China to apply for visitor visas online, known as Access UK.

Following its successful launch, Access UK is now available for applicants applying to visit the UK in over 180 countries and 10 languages. It was launched in the US in June and the main benefits are:

  • The application form is shorter, with questions logically ordered
  • The form is dynamic and asks relevant questions based on the applicant’s previous answers
  • The service will be available in a number of languages, although applicants will need to supply their answers in English
  • Checklists and steps which list the documents required to make an application
  • Apply flexibly using any mobile device

In the short term, the visa4uk website will continue to be available to applicants who wish to apply to visit the UK. However, over time, all customers applying for visit visas to the UK will be re-directed to Access UK, but visa4uk will still continue to exist as an application service for other types of visas, including Tier 2.

A link to the new visitor visa portal can be accessed here, Access UK.