The U.S. Department of Energy is offering $467.6 million from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act to support geothermal and solar energy projects. The funds include $350 million for geothermal energy projects in four areas: geothermal energy resource assessments; innovative exploration techniques; demonstration projects; and research, development, and demonstrations of enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) technology. EGS technology involves using such techniques as pumping high-pressure water into areas of high-temperature rock located deep underground, using the water pressure to create new or enhanced geothermal reservoirs.

For all but the EGS work, see the Funding Opportunity Announcement. Applications for that FOA are due by July 22.

For the EGS work, see the Funding Opportunity Announcement for research and development and demonstrations on the DOE e-Center website. Applications for EGS research and development projects are due on July 17, while applications for EGS demonstrations are due on July 30.

DOE is also offering $117.6 million in Recovery Act funds for solar energy technologies, including $51.5 million for the development of a dvanced photovoltaic technologies, such as solar cells and modules; $25.6 million for research and development to support concentrating solar power, which uses mirrored surfaces to capture the sun's heat; and $40.5 million to address non-technical barriers to solar energy deployment, including market barriers, cumbersome grid connection requirements, and a lack of trained installers. See the Department of Energy press release for more information.