On April 8, the Dutch Government published the site decisions for the 5 Borssele offshore wind power sites in the Dutch Gazette (Staatscourant). The site decisions contain the construction and operating conditions for the wind farms and secure the sites for construction and subsequent operation.
Site decision V allows for the preparation of an innovation site to demonstrate techniques that will reduce the cost price of wind energy at sea. This innovation site will hold two turbines with a maximum joint capacity of 20 MW and will be tendered separately from the other sites.
The site decisions are open to appeal until May 20.
Offshore agreements available
Last week, the Dutch TSO, TenneT, published the rest of the definitive drafts for its offshore agreements, being a realisation agreement ("Offshore REA"), an offshore connection & transmission agreement (“Offshore CTA”) and offshore general terms & conditions (“Offshore GTC”).
These drafts were established through an extensive consultation process, involving legal expert meetings organised by TenneT throughout the year. The presentation and minutes of the most recent expert meeting in March are available on TenneT's website.
The Offshore REA and CTA set out the terms for the realisation of a wind farm's connection and the subsequent transport of electricity to the high voltage grid.
Some of the provisions in the Offshore REA and the CTA involve TenneT's right to receive full reimbursement of costs and its rights to commissioning- and compliance testing. The Offshore REA and the CTA also contain a step-in provision for the lenders; to the extent required, TenneT indicates that it may enter into a direct agreement with the lenders.

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