On 6 May 2015, EIOPA published a number of updates on its dedicated Solvency II webpage.  A related press release explains that the webpage has been updated to help (re)insurers quickly find all relevant information on Solvency II.  To that end, the webpage now provides links to the regulatory framework at all levels including the first six implementing technical standards (ITS) which were recently adopted by the European Commission (EC). The updated webpage also contains a "Milestones 2015 - 2016" section.  Key upcoming milestones include: (a) Q3 2015 - EIOPA to publish feedback on comments from the public consultation on the second set of ITS and Guidelines; (b) 30 June 2015 - submission of the final set of ITS to the EC for endorsement; and (c) Q3 2015 - release of XBRL taxonomy based on the full final reporting package submitted to the EC.