Windowless planes – the future of aircraft design?

A new generation of ‘windowless planes’ have been proposed as the next step towards improving fuel efficiency by reducing the weight of a plane, as well as creating a new and exciting way to experience flying. The Centre for Process Innovation (a UK based technology innovation centre) is looking to work alongside the aerospace industry and designers to bring this idea to life.

Windowless does not mean that there won’t be anything to see – the outside view would be projected onto flexible screens all around the fuselage, including possibly on the individual entertainment screens on the back of seats so that no matter where you sit, you can have the same experience. Passengers could be shown any external view they wanted from around the aircraft – could this however cause a problem if in turbulence or storms? Have they thought through the design proposal and the actual consumers?

With the fear of flying affecting millions of people (up to 20- 25% estimated by some), will this be taken into consideration by airlines who may be contemplating a ‘windowless’ fleet in the future? Or is it better to (literally) face your fears?

For more details on windowless planes, go to: blue-sky-thinking-designers-sought-to-create-windowlessaeroplanes/3039299.article


Inflatable baby incubator design wins the 2014 James Dyson Award

A young designer, James Roberts, from the UK has created a low cost, inflatable incubator for use in the developing world. The innovative design features a 24 hour battery, ceramic heating elements and is fully collapsible for transporting, making it even easier to send to those in need. The MOM incubator costs just £250 rather than the £30,000 cost of existing technology – a figure that many hospitals in the developing world could only dream of affording.

As the winner of the James Dyson Award, Roberts has been awarded £30,000 to further test the project. He aims to get the MOM incubator into mass production, hopefully helping to save many lives in the process.

Find out more about the design features here: