Following a near-fatal cycling accident a lady was left in a coma for a week after being hit by a car when she was cycling back from work in November last year. She sustained a broken pelvis, broken jaw, two dislocated knees, broken wrist and lost 6 front teeth.

The doctors managed to save her life and treated her orthopaedic injuries. However, when it came to the final procedure of having her six front teeth replaced she was told by Northampton General Hospital that they cannot restore her teeth as the procedure isn’t regarded as ‘acute care’ and is considered a cosmetic procedure.

The loss of her 6 front teeth must be devastating, particularly for a 20 year old. An already stressful situation having been made worse by the prospect of having a costly bill to put the matter right. With permanent implants costing around £2,000 per tooth she now faces a dental bill of £12,000.

When making a personal injury claim, when liability has been admitted it is possible to request an interim payment. This is an amount paid to you in partial settlement of your claim and can be requested to fund private medical treatments, rehabilitation, adapted accommodation, loss of earnings and to pay for care whilst your claim is being progressed. It can also be a portion of the value of the injury itself. It is important to receive the treatment you require as soon as possible to assist your recovery and ease your symptoms following your injury