Practitioners may be interested to note two recent significant developments at EU level in the field of public procurement:

  1. New forms for public procurement advertisements submitted to OJEU

First is the putting into use of the new set of forms for public procurement advertisements which are to be submitted to the Official Journal of the European Union (‘OJEU’). The new forms were put into use as of Wednesday 2 December 2015 and are available to view at SIMAP.

See, for example, new forms such as that to be used for modifications of existing contracts (standard form 20) and concession notices (standard form 24).

  1. Updated thresholds fixed for next two years: 2016-2017

Second, the European Commission has published the new Regulations which have set the financial value of the public procurement thresholds for the next two years. It has also issued a communication outlining the fixed national currency conversion equivalents for each of these updated thresholds. The new thresholds will take effect as from 1 January 2016 and are as follows:

Click here to view the table.

* Remember that  ‘central Government authorities’ include the Department of Health, the NHS Business Services Authority and NHS trusts (as well as ‘Welsh NHS bodies’), with ‘sub-central contracting authorities’ comprising all other contracting authorities which are not central Government authorities (which would include FTs).

The interesting aspect of the above is that whilst the thresholds in euros have increased in most cases, the corresponding values, when converted into sterling, have actually fallen given movements in currency conversion rates over the preceding two-year period.