The European Commission confirmed on 9 June 2011 that it carried out unannounced inspections starting on 7 June 2011 at the premises of companies supplying “automotive occupant safety systems” which include such things as car seat belts, airbags and steering wheels. The Commission has not identified the companies concerned. However, US company TRW Automotive Holdings Corp announced on 9 June 2011 that certain of the company’s occupant safety systems business unit locations in Germany received requests for information and that a related request was also made in the United States. TRW stated that it was cooperating fully with the authorities but could give no further information regarding the nature or outcome of the inquiries. Swedish Autoliv Inc. also confirmed its involvement with the investigation, stating that the Commission had visited two of its German facilities and that the company had “strict policies prohibiting anti-competitive behaviour”. The Commission’s inspectors are believed to have been looking for evidence of cartel practices. The investigation is still at an early stage.