Since January 1, 2015, employees who are exposed to one or several work hardship factors, beyond the annual legal thresholds, receive points on a work hardship prevention personal account managed by the CNAV and CARSAT (French national old-age and pension insurances). Only four factors of work hardship are recognized in 2015: night work, repetitive work, shift work and work in hyperbaric environments. The other six factors (manual handling of loads, strenuous work position, mechanical vibrations, dangerous chemicals, extreme temperatures and noise) will become effective on January 1, 2016.


The employee may use these points to benefit from a training scheme, an additional compensation in case of reduction in working time or early retirement. Each year, the employer should prepare a prevention document for each concerned employee listing the factor(s) the employee is exposed to. In addition, the employer should declare, in the Automated Declaration of Social Data (“Déclaration Automatisée des Données Sociales” or DADS), the factor(s) that employees were exposed to during the year. Moreover, these risks should be annexed to the Single Risk Assessment Document (“Document unique d'Evaluation des Risques”).