On 27 November 2013, the States of Guernsey approved  recommendations of the Policy Council aimed at improving  the rights of disabled people in Guernsey.  The main  recommendations insofar as they are likely to affect  Guernsey employers are:

  1. To develop legislation for the prevention of  discrimination against disabled people and their  carers;
  2. To extend the United Nations Convention on the  Rights of People with Disabilities to Guernsey;
  3. To remove barriers that prevent disabled people  accessing employment (known as making  “reasonable adjustments”).  Such adjustments  might be to the physical environment (such as  access ramps), or the work station (such as  adapted keyboard) or to the system of work  (such as reduced or flexible hours);
  4. To develop a test for whether or not an  adjustment is reasonable, to cover such matters  as the employer’s financial resources, type and  size, the practicality of the change and whether  the change will resolve the problem;
  5. To establish a “Reasonable Adjustments Fund” to  help small businesses make adjustments that  would not otherwise be considered reasonable;
  6. To establish an Equality and Rights Organisation,  the functions of which would include the  administration of the Reasonable Adjustments  Fund and the provision of specialist information,  education and advice to businesses.  This  recommendation is subject to obtaining funding.   In the meantime, a framework  is to be developed using  existing resources;
  7. To develop further the concept of a Guernsey  Employment Trust to investigate voluntary and public  sector supported employment services for disabled  people and improve engagement with employers;
  8. To improve information provision for disabled people,  carers, employers, providers of goods and services, and to  the general public.

It is proposed that the disability discrimination legislation  envisaged in the recommendations will be introduced  within a three year timeframe in consultation with  interested stakeholders.