Following President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address--in which the President announced a goal of doubling U.S. exports over the next five years--the Coalition for Security and Competitiveness (CSC) released detailed recommendations on the specific steps the Obama Administration and Congress can take to reform and modernize the U.S. export control system. The document is entitled, "Recommendations for a 21st Century Technology Control Regime", and was included with a letter sent to President Obama and other key members of the Obama Administration.

The CSC, noting that the export control system has not been updated in more than twenty years, stated: "The result is a system that no longer fully protects our national security, has not kept up with accelerating technological change, and does not function with the efficiency and transparency needed to keep the United States competitive in the global marketplace." The CSC suggested that the government guide reforms around five basic themes: 1) Draw clear lines of agency responsibility; 2) Control lists should be revised and reduced; 3) Complete the transition to an end user-based system; 4) Enhance cooperation with allies; and 5) Enhance cooperation with the business community.

The CSC also provided detailed recommendations in eleven areas applicable to the dual-use and munitions control systems control systems that can be taken within the existing legislative authorizations. The CSC's letter to the President noted that, “our principles and recommendations would create a 21st century export control regime that protects critical technologies, safeguards our national security, spurs innovation and promotes economic growth.” More information about the CSC (including a list of its member organizations), the letter to President Obama, and the recommendations may be found on the CSC's website.