Panamanian national authorities yesterday decreed mandatory measures for all companies with the aim of mitigating and controlling the spread of COVID-19:

  • Workers aged 60 years and over, those who suffer from chronic diseases and/or pregnant women may take vacations for a minimum of 15 days.
  • Quarantine periods of 14 days are established for workers from countries declared as at-risk areas.
  • On a temporary basis, it is allowed the “on call” services, meaning that the worker should not be in the workplace, but under availability to employer’s instructions.
  • It is mandatory for all companies to create a Special Committee on Health and Hygiene, integrated by workers and employer’s representative for assuring hygiene and health in the workplace.
  • Companies should place advertisements endorsed by the Ministry of Health, containing health and prevention measures for COVID-19.
  • Only nationals and foreigners with temporary, permanent or on migration process can enter Panama.

Violation of these provisions may result in labor penalties for workers and fines ranging from B/. 10,000.00 to B/. 100,000.00 for employers.

As official actions continue to evolve, we at ARIAS will be reporting in due time.