Since fTLD Registry Services, LLC launched .bank just over a year ago, over 5,900 domain names have been registered with approximately 175 banks actively using their domain names with live content. According to the registry’s website, 2,575 US banks have registered over 5,000 domain names, with the average bank registering 2.1 domain names. The top three states for domain name registrations are Texas (421 registrations), Massachusetts (269 registrations), and Missouri (254 registrations). Outside the US, 270 banks have registered close to 650 domain names; the top three countries for domain registrations being South Africa (62 registrations), Great Britain (55 registrations), and Turkey (51 registrations). While banks are the primary registrants in .bank, 32 registrations are in the name of trade associations and 24 are in the name of service providers.

So, if you have not yet considered a move to .BANK, what are you waiting for? While fTLD’s managing director recognizes that “there is no silver bullet that will eradicate the malicious activities that are propagated over the Internet,” .bank’s security requirements provide “a level of trust and protection that exceeds what is currently available in any existing commercially available gTLD.” It is therefore no surprise that there are many success stories in .bank. To read some success stories and discover how these banks made the transition to .bank, go to As you will note, Midwest banks feature prominently, including Lead Bank of Missouri, Bridge Community Bank of Iowa, and Badger Bank and Choice Bank of Wisconsin.

While a .bank domain name comes at a significant cost compared to a .com domain name (including not only registration costs, but the costs associated with transitioning your brand to a new platform having more stringent technical requirements), the added security may be well worth it. To find out if a .bank domain name is available for registration, go to and type in your desired domain name in the “LOOKUP” field at the bottom of the page. If your domain name is available and you meet .bank’s eligibility requirements (, you can register your .bank domain name with any of the Registrars listed at