On August 9, 2017, the Privacy Protection Regulations (Fees) (Cancellation), 2017 (the"Regulations"), were published in the Official Government Gazette (the "Gazette"). The Regulations cancel the Privacy Protection Regulations (Fees), 2000.  

Prior to the publication of the Regulations, each database owner was liable to pay a registration fee when registering a database, and in most cases, was also liable to pay a periodic fee on an annual basis. As from publication date of the Regulations in the Gazette (August 9, 2017), the above fees no longer apply.   It is important to note that the Regulations do not grant exemption from the payment of past debts (including those to whom a payment voucher was issued prior to the publication date of the Regulations), and the owners of debt dependents' databases (databases that their periodic fee or the addition to the periodic fee, as the case may be, were not paid within six months from the date on which the addition to the fee was due) are liable to settle the payment of outstanding fees.  

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