This week, an unusually large earthquake struck DC quite unexpectedly.  The question arises how has nanotechnology impacted earthquake technology?  A quick search of the US patent publication literature showed not much when the search is limited to the 977 nanotech class.  Only a handful of the publications show use of the term "earthquake" and, of these, the term does not appear in the claims or abstract.  Earthquakes are a potential application for sensors and new materials, for example.  See, for example, US Patent Publication Nos. 2008/0314149; 2009/0179523; 2009/0220767; and 2010/0132465.  Perhaps the international patent literature would reveal more.

Perhaps a next search for next possible natural disaster in the DC area:  hurricanes?  See, US Patent Publication 2008/0016819 for a hurricane door (with nanocomponents).