On January 6 2016 a decree was published in the Federal Official Gazette which amends Article 29(VI)(35)(1) and introduces Articles 29ter and 29quater of the Law on the Institute of the National Fund for the Housing of Workers.

The decree introduces the possibility for employers to fulfil the payment and information requirements formulated by the Institute of the National Fund for the Housing of Workers (INFONAVIT) by any means – including by electronic means.

The decree allows employers to:

  • file requests or briefs with INFONAVIT in writing or electronically, in accordance with the Regulation on Enrolment, Payment of Contributions and Payment of Discounts to INFONAVIT; and
  • pay contributions and discounts in writing or electronically, as determined by INFONAVIT.

INFONAVIT will fulfil its duties by electronic means and will act as a certifying authority under the Law on the Advanced Electronic Signature – whereby it will issue digital certificates for the use of advanced electronic signatures in forms and proceedings.

The decree became binding on January 7 2016. INFONAVIT will issue the corresponding reforms and additions relating to the decree within 180 days of this date.

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