Belgian Competition and Regulatory Report 16 gave information on the appointment of the members of the new Competition Council, in particular the reappointment of President Stefaan Raes. Christian Huveneers is the Vice-President of the Council and the other permanent members are: Kris Boeykens; Laura Parret; Jeroen Capiau and Dominique Smeets. The non-permanent members are: Jacques Steenbergen; Elisabeth Van Hecke – de Ghellynck; Olivier Gutt; David Szafran; Eric Bodson and Pierre Battard.

These appointments were followed by the appointment on 20 March 2007 of Jacques Steenbergen, formerly a competition lawyer at Allen & Overy, as Director-General of the Belgian Competition Service. He leads the Service as of April 2007 and is one of the few private practitioners to enter the Competition Service.

On 25 April 2007, Bert Stulens was appointed Auditor-General of the Auditorat. Before his appointment, he served as Auditor.