On 19 December 2014, Law No. 79/2014, of 19 December, introducing amendment of the legal frameworks below, was published:

  1. The substantive lease regime, contained in the Civil Code;
  2. The New Urban Lease Regime approved by Law No. 6/2006, of 27 February, as amended by Law No. 31/2012, of 14 August;
  3. The legal regime of works in leased properties, approved by Decree-Law No. 157/2006, of 8 August, as amended by Decree-Law No. 306/2009, of 23 October, and by law No. 30/2012, of 14 August; and
  4. The regimes of determination of the corrected annual gross income and of  the granting of rent subsidy, both approved by Decree-Law No. 158/2006, of 8 August, as amended by Decree-Law No. 266-C/2012, of 31 December.

The main modifications introduced by said Law focus in particular on (i) the transitional legal provisions applicable to the lease agreements executed before the entry into force of Law No. 6/2006, of 27 February, and (ii) the legal regime applicable to improvements, renovation works and refurbishment works or in-depth restoration requiring the leased property to be vacated.

These matters will be the subject of a detailed analysis in a Newsletter specifically prepared on this topic.

The above-mentioned Law enters into force on 18 January 2015.