The UK Government has launched a new guide for the private and public sector, setting out best practice for making savings in existing contracts for schools, hospitals and other public infrastructure projects.

The code is entirely voluntary, but already 50 or so organisations have signed up, with more expected to follow. It is expected that the code will receive widespread public sector support.

The press release says that, "the launch of the code is another step towards cutting the cost of infrastructure delivery and forms part of the government’s wider work on reducing the cost of PFI deals under the Operational Savings programme, which has already achieved over £1.5billion in savings since it was launched less than 2 years ago.

The [code] sets out 8 key commitments for private sector parties, and equally importantly, 8 commitments for public bodies to encourage better working between the public and private sector. Pledges include having a single point of contact for all parties on a project, to ensure efficient use of time and good communication between sectors, and setting how they will proactively drive efficiency savings from the top to bottom of their organisation."

To access the code, and to see a list of current signatories, please click here.