Cross-party Brexit talks end without deal – FT

  • Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has put an end to talks between Labour and the government, which were intended to secure a Brexit deal.
  • Labour will continue to oppose May’s deal in anticipation of a House of Commons vote scheduled for the first week of June.
  • In a letter to May, Corbyn stated: “The increasing weakness and instability of your government means there cannot be confidence in securing whatever might be agreed between us.”
  • Labour’s increasing scepticism about the viability of a deal has arisen in the context of May’s planned resignation, the timetable of which is due to be released next month. In particular, Corbyn is concerned that a new Conservative Prime Minister would potentially abandon any agreement reached.
  • May blamed the breakdown in talks on the lack of a common Labour position on Brexit and that is not clear whether the party intends to deliver Brexit or hold a second referendum.

No 10 refuses to rule out holding indicative votes on Brexit next week – Guardian

  • A leaked document has revealed that the government has been considering asking MPs to vote on a series of Brexit propositions on Wednesday next week to see if some form of agreement can be reached in the Commons.
  • Some MPs are claiming that without a cross-party compromise on the EU withdrawal agreement bill there will be no opportunity to legislate for a second referendum and a no-deal Brexit will become more likely.