On October 31st, the Government Accountability Office released its September 30, 2011, report on the Federal Reserve System's assistance to American International Group, Inc. The Federal Reserve Board approved the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's ("FRBNY") assistance to AIG with an expectation that concessions would be negotiated with AIG's counterparties. However, FRBNY made varying attempts to obtain these discounts and its subsequent explanations have been inconsistent. See also Summary. On November 1st, the Treasury Department announced that it had received an additional repayment from AIG of $972 million. The U.S. Government's remaining outstanding investment in AIG through the Treasury Department, including common and preferred interests, is $50 billion. In addition, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has loans to Maiden Lane II and III of $17.5 billion, including principal and accrued interest outstanding. These FRBNY loans are collateralized by assets with a current value of approximately $30.7 billion. Treasury Department Press Release.