The 2017 EEO-1 report must be filed by March 31, 2018. An often overlooked resource for companies that are required to file EEO-1 reports is the EEO-1 Instruction Booklet. The EEO-1 Instruction Booklet contains valuable information such as:

  • which employers must file the report;
  • how to file an EEO-1 report;
  • the definitions of “employer,” “employee,” and “establishment”;
  • descriptions of job categories (e.g., what types of job typically fall within the EEO-1 job group for professionals); and
  • recordkeeping requirements.

As we enter into the EEO-1 filing season, employers may want to gain as much knowledge as possible about filing requirements. The EEO-1 Instruction Booklet is a valuable starting point.