On September 3, 2012, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the 12th Five Year Special Plan for the Development of Cloud Technology in China. The plan sets out detailed goals for the development of cloud computing in China, which includes: (1) establishing cloud computing technology and standard system and making breakthrough on key technologies; (2) improving the service capability of servers and building cloud servers capable of dealing with 100 million concurrent accesses; (3) establishing EB level cloud storage system supporting multiple data access methods, online expansion and auto-balance of node load; (4) building cloud operating systems and public service and management platforms supporting multiple users and application types; and (5) demonstrating the application of cloud computing services in key areas and industries and promoting cloud computing application and service models in various industries. To achieve the goals, China encourages domestic enterprises to strengthen cooperation with foreign governments, foreign enterprises, international organizations and science research institutions. China will formulate relevant provisions to create a better environment for the development of cloud computing.

The full Chinese text of the plan is available here.