• Franchising: Clauses that provide for the control necessary for safeguarding the identity and reputation of the network do not restrict competition
  • Franchising: in the fast food industry, hamburgers and pizzas are to be considered as competing lines of business
  • Significant imbalance: the plaintiff must provide evidence that he was subjected to obligations creating a significant imbalance
  • Suppression of the social dialog committee in franchise networks
  • Paris gives itself a new international commercial chamber

United Kingdom

  • Phones 4 U Ltd v EE Ltd (QBD) [2018] Bus LR


  • Redesigning distribution by terminating distributor agreements: Can distributors claim delivery anyway?
  • Distribution online: Ban of price comparison engines and advertising on third-party platforms
  • Franchise Law and (the law on) General Terms and Conditions in Germany


  • The disappointed franchisee


  • Austria: Do-it-yourself ice cream shops

European Union

  • Franchises and the GDP

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